My name is Nadia Starovoitova

I was born in the Far East in a family of Ukrainian immigrants. My father was a famous Primorye artist - Viktor Nikonovich Starovoitov. In 1970, I graduated from Vladivostok College, with honors.
Then she studied at the Moscow Textile Academy, Faculty of Applied Arts. In 1977, she received a diploma with honors in Fashion Designer and was personally invited to the Kiev Republican House of Knitwear Patterns.
From the first steps of her work, the collections of knitwear designed by the artist were highly appreciated by the art council and opened fashion shows at international exhibitions, in Leipzig, Seoul, Bangkok, Paris, Milan etc. Along with modelling Nadezhda developed patterns of knitted fabrics, embroidery patterns and prints on garments, all of which were introduced into production at factories in Ukraine.
Photos of the models were placed in catalogs, magazines and booklets.
However, Nadezhda's real passion is watercolor painting. The viewer always feels in love with the material, and many years of practice has added to the skill.
In 1995, the artist leaves the House of Models to pursue creative work. Now it is not only watercolors, but also wall paintings, copies of classics, icons on black ostrich eggs, painting eggs in tempera. A good school of drawing and painting enables the artist to cope with new challenges and gain enthusiastic admirers.
Looking at Nadia Starovoitova's graphics, first of all, you notice how tastefully each work is executed. Recognizable stylistics of art nouveau: fluidity and smoothness of the lines adjusts feelings in her own way. The girls' figures, blown by the wind of time, are ready to become something else, to show their inner world: character, desires and fantasies. The artist's graphics are illustrative and her drawings are emotional. Her feelings, getting plastic, become like a dance, graceful and delicate, lacking, as a rule, drama, but attracting with its lightness and beauty of the embodied image. Ink and watercolor creates a contrast with thin lines and at the same time emphasizes the noble proportions of the drawing.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: +380 67 835 74 47